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Imagine that your life depended on you getting to a certain place by the day's end and you were not sure how to get there. Most likely you would use one of today's many popular GPS systems to show you how to get there. You would plug in your destination, the directions would pop up and a voice would announce the start of the journey. Periodically that voice would alert you of upcoming turns. If you miss a turn, it would alert you letting you know the system is recalculating to help you stay on course.
For Christians the Cross is our GPS in this world. It directs and helps us to continually move towards God's destination for us, anchored in Christ.
The Cross is our point of reference and our assurance of victory in this life. Without it, we cannot make it because spiritually we were not made for this worldly environment.
So when the benediction has been given, let us make sure we stay on course by not leaving the Cross behind.
Lord, thank you for reminding me that as long as I keep Christ and the work of the Cross at the center of my life I will be victorious in this life and stay on the course You've destined for me. In Jesus’ name, amen.
Seek Him, Serve Others: Pick up or get creative and make some tracts to hand out to others, sharing the good news and allowing God to work through you to point someone else to the Cross.
Reflection: What do you do throughout the week to maintain your connection with Christ and to remind yourself of the finished work of the Cross? What other steps can you take to do your part in maintaining your relationship with Christ?..Tony Evans
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- Donald Trump announced that he has a big dick, after Rubio accused him of having a small one.
- Marco Rubio dared Ted Cruz to start doing yoga.
- There was an extended conversation on whether or not Trump peed his pants during the previous debate.
- Some white piece of crud fell out of Ted Cruz's mouth and landed on his lip and he kept talking for a full minute while it sat there, before he pulled it back in with his tongue and swallowed it.
- Trump scolded journalists for not paying enough attention to his Twitter account.
- Megyn Kelly said something about "rodents and insects" and somehow she wasn't referring to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.
- Trump was forced to answer a question about his relationship with the Ku Klux Klan.
- During the commercial break Mitt Romney ran a Super PAC ad featuring victims of the Trump University scam.
- Trump bragged about being great friends with Howard Stern, who as it turns out is voting for Hillary Clinton.
- "Little Rubio" and "Lying Ted" are now part of the lexicon.
Read the rest at Daily News Bin:

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Gee, Jim, how come you keep forgetting Kasich? How come the press doesn't cover Kasich? Of the remaining four GOP candidates, Kasich is probably the one we could live with, so why aren't we talking about him? And so on and so forth, inbox infinitum.
Because American political contests aren't about that.
We Americans love to believe in some great Plebeian ideal of The Republic but it just ain't so and never has been. American democracy isn't about ideas or intelligence or qualifications or even current events - or we'd have a a list of minimum requirements and a test for participation, both for politicians AND for voters.
It's about entertainment.
Democracy in this country is a sporting event, a popularity contest, and in the age of social media and 24 hour news coverage on thousands of channels combined with information saturation - little of which is in any way factual but by design and desire instead consists largely of people shouting at each in an orgy of confirmation bias - more and more our political process has become reality TV playing to the basest elements of our society. In point of fact, it is now nearly impossible to tell the political process from Reality TV shows like The Apprentice or Survivor or Dancing With The Stars. It's all fake confessionals and contrived confrontation and drama.
And we LIKE it that way.
Kasich just isn't pretty or popular or photogenic or dynamic enough to command the mob's attention.
In America, the press was given enumerated protection under the Constitution because the Founders knew that for a republic to work properly the citizens must be educated and informed. But like the Second Amendment, the First has been perverted into a distorted caricature of freedom. In America the media is in business to make money. All else is secondary. And so if the mob is not interested in Kasich, then the press isn't either.
Trump is the moneymaker and he knows it - he is after all, a Reality TV star. The more outrageous his behavior, the better the headlines. Any story with Trump in the title is surefire clickbait. So he gets the coverage. To a lesser and lesser extent, Cruz, Clinton, Sanders, Rubio ... and last boring and uninteresting Kasich.
Why aren't we talking about Kasich? Because nobody cares about him, that's why, and if Americans truly gave a considered and thoughtful damn about who leads their republic, well, we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place.
It's just human nature.
We can moan and groan and wish it wasn't so, but if your argument begins "Dammit! If people would just..." you're going to be forever disappointed.
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Read Hebrews 13:5-6 Kathryn Kuhlman was a lady preacher, who died many years ago. She had a tremendous healing ministry. Kathryn Kuhlman had a warehouse in America that seated thirteen thousand people. Every Thursday she would pray for the sick. She also had a radio ministry. She would glide out onto the platform in a gown that cost $2000,00 in those days; so you can imagine how many critics she had. When she came to South Africa she stayed in a five star hotel, and she entertained people. She was very rich; but you something else? She also loved God. She really loved Him. Like King David, she made mistakes; but she loved God. God looks on the heart; and she had a heart for God. She treated her critics and her fans in exactly the same way, with total disregard. She said that if she took any notice of what they said they would destroy her. Some of us are so concerned about what people think of us. In fact we are more concerned about what people think than we are about what God's thinks of us. We live our lives for 'appearance sake'. You are concerned about keeping up with the Joneses. 'what does that mean, Angus?' It means this. If your next door neighbour has a 4x4, then you must have one too. If the neighbouring farmer bought new tractors, then you need to have them too. This doesn't bring peace. It only brings more competition, debt,stress, pain and suffering. If you are wondering why you are not at peace and contented - this could be the reason. I want to tell you something, when you are in trouble your neighbour will not be there to help you. You are so busy keeping up with the Joneses, and the Joneses don't give a hoot about whether you make it or you don't. Begin living only for God. Concerntrate upon Him and what pleases Him. Trust in God. You need only be concerned about what He thinks of you. PRAYER: Father God, there is only contenment only in You. Give me the strngth to be able to discard the opinions of other people when they cause me to take my focus off You. I don't need all the things that I've been striving for - they are not making me happy. I do not have peace. I choose today to look to You for commendation. Amen!
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Do you often reach the end of your work week, if there is such a thing, feeling like a Hebrew slave? As the story goes, Pharaoh mandated that the Israelites would not be provided straw to make bricks and not only would they have to start gathering straw for themselves, they were still required to maintain the same daily output of bricks. Sound familiar? Although most of us don’t have to make bricks using straw, and we do get paid, the under staffing, inadequate resources, outdated technology/inevitable glitches, increased workloads, and unexpected interruptions can bring us to our knees. 

And then there is Kate. She has it together and is always smiling. Pitch something to her and she hits a home run every time! It would seem she is the eternal optimist. Right, the eternal optimist – did you hear the story about the eternal optimist who fell from a 56 story building? At every floor he could be heard cheerfully calling out, “so far, so good!” Kate is brighter than that. She eventually admitted to me that often she is smiling only on the outside, but I give it to her – a good attitude makes a great difference.

A recent article that crossed my path explains how complaining rewires your brain. I can attest, complaining seems to compound the angst and rarely, in and of itself, produces solutions. Reminds me of the year when my husband and I decided to participate in giving up something for Lent. I gave up complaining and he gave up his daily glass of wine – in less than two weeks I started drinking and he started complaining. Precisely at the two-week mark, he landed in the hospital. Coincidence? Probably, but his grandmother who lived to be 100 years old was fond of saying, “I can’t complain.” It served her well. Lesson learned. 

So how do we manage to collect straw and maintain brick production? Back in the day when minister’s salaries were meager in comparison to other occupations, my parents always seemed to manage, “make do.” When a resourceful person doesn’t have enough resources, creativity kicks in. Trick-or-treating was a seasonal favorite in the Mid West. Not having the money to spend on costumes, my mother made our outfits. To this day I smile when I remember the cat costume made with an old screen door spring that she fashioned into a cat’s tail. I had a blast swinging that springy tail. Never underestimate the power of resourcefulness. 

Even if we can gather straw and make bricks, is this what we want to do until the day we die? It’s not what the Israelites had in mind. The Promise Land - where and what is that for you? A good attitude sans complaining and resourcefulness will help you along the way, but the part about bringing us to our knees – that is where you will find your Promise Land.
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1. Your grip should be firm, but not squeezing the life out of your rod, your thumb should be on top of the grip.
2. The line will follow the path of the rod so point the rod at the target and the line will follow.
3. The forward stroke and back cast should be 10 o’clock to 1 o’clock, I know most experts say 10 to 2, but I have found that most people get the 10 o’clock position, but on the back cast it's more like 3 or later. A trick I use when teaching is to have the student stand slightly turned to the side and watch his or her back cast to see what is going on so they can correct dropping the tip. I also tell the student to count to 1-1000 then start the rod forward this should help out with the timing.
4. Fly casting is timing not power!!!!! So let the rod do the work and just hang on for the ride.
5. When starting out it is essential not to false cast allot, one or two false casts and shoot the line.
6. Keep your rod tip moving in the same plane as your arms moves and don’t cross over in front of your body.
7. Your casting should be like a hammer stroke, come back with some force and swing forward with a little bit more
8. Once you have practiced the false casting it’s time to let some line out, every time to false cast let out a little more line on the forward stroke to give you more distance, but beware not to be hero and try to do too much too soon or it will be a recipe for disaster.
9. Try to keep your casts under 40' as this is most fishing conditions. For salt water and bigger rivers you will have to make longer casts, so practice for where you live. 
10. Make your first cast count as you don’t get too many shots at fish when you flub the first cast.

*Tip: for marine battery usage and maintenance
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In the Fly Fishing Community, Warm Water angling is sort of like the red headed step child, being looked down on to some extent. But there is a spell cast over many an Old Timer here, who has never seen a Trout Stream in the mountains or cast a fly on the flats to a tarpon.
Last night as I paddled across the flooded Lily Pad covered flats of the lake in my kayak, the afternoon sea breeze began to lay down. I could now much more clearly hear the wild life around me. Bullfrogs croaking, song birds fluttering and chirping in the little isolated cyprus stands. I would occasionally hear of the splash of a Bass in the grass, grabbing a meal. The groans of an alligator here and there.
When the wind had nearly relaxed enough to let the water become glass as the sun had sunk below the trees, a small light yellow object popped up on to the smooth surface of the water around me. A little bit longer and wings present themselves out of the object. Before long they begin to flutter as if trying to lift off. POP. In a swirl and smack the little hatching mayfly is gone.
Within a few minutes I began to hear these pops and smacks all around. Under every tree over hanging the water, Mayflies were suddenly under attack from below. Panfish came out of their daytime hiding places all over the lake and commenced to feast on the fly hatch.
This was my signal. I laid down my 7 weight that I had been using to launch big deer hair bass bugs into the grass mats to pick up my 4 weight. I scurried through putting the rod together and stringing my fly line through the guides. I then opened up a brand new Bea Bea Bug. These are small little critters. Round rubber legs that give it more of a spider look than Mayfly. The body I have been told is made from Tupelo roots harvested when the water is low in the river swamps around Wewahitchka Florida. Each one meticulously dressed with a bit of sparkle and hackle feathers.
With just a few long strips pulling line from my reel, I do a little roll cast and land my bug right under a bit of Spanish Moss hanging from an ancient Cyprus tree. The very instant that my leader straighten and delicately land on the slightly tannic water, it was gone with a smack that was as surprising as a firecracker going off. My line came tight with a hand sized Stump Knocker stretching and straining against my 6lb leader. Heavy I know, but if you cast to squirrels as much as I do, these bugs can get expensive.
When that little slab of a fish finally gave up and comes along side my kayak, it becomes very clear. Now, I may not know the pleasures of babbling brooks and wading flowing streams, I do know the joy of flipping out Bream Bugs to aggressive panfish in the warm water of the Florida Panhandle in the magic hour of dusk.

*Tips: Choose Best Trolling Motor Battery]]>